Stable Tour

The Giadresco stable is ideally located in Gelorup, just 5 minutes’ drive south of Bunbury Racecourse. The facilities, whether for breaking, training, spelling, agistment or breeding, are second to none.
The training complex includes two purpose-built on-site tracks, allowing the horses to undertake both jogging and pace-work without the necessity for travelling. For fast work, Peter has regular access to both the grass and sand tracks at Bunbury Racecourse itself.
Additional strength training, with no stress
on the joints, is achieved by regular swimming
in the pool …….
followed by a spell on the horse-walker to dry off in the sun.
Next to the pool is the stable’s own practice start, where youngsters are taught what is expected of them. They quickly become familiar with the barriers, and come race day, the start holds no fears for a Giadresco-trained horse.
The roundyard, cool and shady under the
gum trees, provides a relaxed environment for breaking in the yearlings.

After a morning’s work, or a hectic race, the
horses enjoy some free time in the day-paddocks,
where they can kick up their heels or just eat
the grass.

And speaking of eating … Peter Giadresco has always considered top-class nourishment to be fundamental to the horse’s development, and has created an in-house facility to mix his own feed from fresh, pure, natural ingredients, bought in bulk and stored on site in these silos. In addition the coastal location provides grass which is particularly rich in calcium and other minerals, an ideal combination to build up the strength of bone and muscle necessary to cope with the strains of racing.

The main paddocks, sheltered behind the dunes,
are home to the herd of brood mares, their foals,
and spelling horses. As well as the year-round
rich grass, horses have 24/7 access to feed

The facility also benefits from direct coastal access, and horses regularly enjoy working on the beach, followed by a refreshing dip in the ocean, before they return to their comfortable, roomy stables.